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What does it mean to be #innovative? Give us your thoughts & RT this tweet to celebrate World #Creativity and #Innovation Day!

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Each of us produces nearly a half tonne of municipal waste every year. Together we can turn waste into a valuable resource!
The @Europarl_EN has just approved our #WasteToResource package
Learn more → #CircularEconomy

#Recycling renewables: Can we close the loop on old batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels to keep valuable materials out of the trash? ♻️ via @cenmag

At the GeoNor conference in Mo in Rana. Excellent programme! @ElisabethGammel @EITRawMaterials @nguweb @sintef #rawmaterials #circulareconomy #rocksrock

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Read the our article on a A European Platform for Research & Education on Geometallurgy, published in the Mining Turkey Magazine.