About us

We gather the most advanced techniques and the best European experts in the field of raw material characterization.



Our mission

  • Provide easy access to world class facilities to the Raw Materials Community.
  • Coordinate investment strategies at the European level.

To facilitate knowledge transfer and adoption, better interaction between researchers and industry professionals is required. OREVAL aims to fulfill this mission by appointing a single point of contact with a comprehensive communication network and excellent understanding of the state of the art technologies.

Our key added-value

The OREVAL manager has experience in experimental development and the integration of different characterization techniques. She can help the industry professionals to assess innovative ideas or to identify the right partner to conduct tests or validation of an innovative idea.

The OREVAL manager can help the interested industry partners to submit ‘up-scaling’ project in order to fund technology transfer projects.

Through the existing connection with the GEOMETALLURGY.EU hub, the OREVAL manager can also facilitate the placement of students for some PhD or Msc thesis works.


  • Joint research work
  • Project development
  • Idea testing and validation

Education and training



We are a part of Geometallurgy.eu, the European education and research hub in geometallurgy.

We are also one of the network infrastructure supported by the EIT Raw Materials, the European institute for innovation in the field of Raw Materials.